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Peloponnese is a large peninsula located in southern Greece and connected to mainland greece with the Isthmus of Corinth. It was the place where the Mycenaean civilization flourished and remained the center of ancient greek civilization with powerful city-states as sparta, corinthus, argos and sacred places like epidaurus and ancient olympia (peloponnese is also the place where the olympic games were held). In the medieval ages, under venetian rule a large number of castles were constructed to defend against the ottoman danger. Such are the beautiful castles of monemvasia, Pylos, Koroni, the palamidi and bourtzi castles in nafplio and others. The Greek War of Independence began in the city Kalamata in southern Peloponnese, and later the city of Nafplio became the first capital of the reborn Greek nation. The history of Greece itself was written in the mountains and the valleys of Peloponnese. Traveling to Peloponnese is easy and worth your time. Corinthus is less than an hour away if you travel to the El. Venizelos Airport in Athens, while if you travel by car / boat, the city of Patras is connected to italy with daily trips. Tourism industry in Peloponnese is not as advanced as it is in the Greek islands or Athens, but it is more than adequate. The beauty and the history of Peloponnese will reward you.

Travel around Peloponnese :

History of Monemvasia

Monemvasia town and fortress was established around 6th century AD. The town was founded in 583 by people seeking refuge from the Slavic and the Avaric invasion of Greece.

Monemvasia got past back and forth between several parties:

Region: Peloponnese

Place: gerakas, monemvasia

You will find here: Ancient monuments, Byzantine monuments



A very picturesque trip for anyone interested in medieval castles should be Monemvasia. However it is certainly not a place for a long stay... Perfect for a weekend but a week would be too long.

Region: Peloponnese

Place: Agios Ioannis in Monemvassia, Elafonissos, Geraki of Lakonia, monemvasia, Neapoli

You will find here: Fishing, Hiking and trekking, Medieval monuments

Must see Stemnitsa

If one ever has a free weekend and wants to get the heck away from Athens I highly recommend Stemnitsa in the Peloponnise. It is an extremely picturesque village that can take pride in its lovely atmosphere and beautiful forests and cliffs!

The drive from Athens is relatively pleasant but towards the end it becomes awesome because one truly finds himself amidst the prettiest woods in Greece.

Region: Peloponnese

Place: arkadia, dimitsana, ellinikon, stemnitsa, trikolonion, vitina

You will find here: Climbing, Fishing, Hiking and trekking, Mountain resorts, Religious Tourism, Road traveling, Winter sports

Travel to Patra

Rio-Antirio bridge outside Patras

To get to Patras by airplane, you can travel to Athens international Aiport (Eleftherios Venizelos).From there you can travel to Patras by train, or by bus from the kifissos station. Alternatively, you can travel to Patras by ferry from Italy (Ancona, Venice, Bari, Brindisi) or from the Ionian Islands.
The Rio-Antirio bridge is located just 5 km from patras, connecting patras with central and northern greece while the greek national road 9 passes through patras, connecting athens with the west peloponnese.

Region: Peloponnese

Place: achaia, aigion, antirio, araxos airport, athens, eleftherios venizelos airport, italy, patrae, patras, rio, west greece


Gerokostopoulou street in Patras

Patra is the largest city of west greece with a population of 300.000 people. Patra is a port city located in the north-west of the Peloponnese peninsula. Patra's port is a nodal point for trade and communication with Italy and the rest of Europe. Located 218 km west of Athens, Patras is regularly connected to athens and Eleytherios Venizelos Airport by train and buses. It is also connected by sea to the Ionian Islands and Italy ( Ancona, Venice, Bari, Brindisi ..).
The Rio-Antirio bridge that connects peloponnese with the mainland greece is located just 5 km from patras, in Rio.

Region: Peloponnese

Place: achaia, aigion, antirio, patrae, patras, rio, west greece

You will find here: Ancient monuments, Beach, Clubbing, Diving, Festivals and culture, Medieval monuments, Mountain resorts, Sea resorts, Sea sports

Loutraki - A step away

Well, i guess everyone that leaves near Athens knows loutraki.
For those of you that dont, here is few tips.

During the winter...not much if any at all.
The all time event is the Club Hotel Casino loutraki (, the biggest casino in greece.
The beauty of Loutraki is revealed during the summer.

Travel Information: 

Loutraki is 78Km away from Athens. You can travel there by car (aprox 1hour) by KTEL from Larissa Station (which is in athens..dont ask me why it is called like this..) or by train (there used to be a train directly to Loutraki but at this point you have to use Proastikos to travel to Corinthos and then by Bus.

Accomodation Information: 

In Loutraki you will not have a problem finding a hotel. It is rumored that Loutraki can accommodate 180K people and this is a huge number for a 10.000 town.
of course during the summer...especial August, try to come prepared and book in advance

Region: Peloponnese

Place: Loutraki

You will find here: Ancient monuments, Beach, Climbing

Travel to ... Nafplio

The Bourtzi castle in nafplio

Nafplio is a city 146km from Athens and 10 km from argos on the northeast side of peloponnese. It will take you about two hours by car to get there from the Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens. Nafplio was the first capital of Greece in 1829, after the greek revolution of 1821, and remained so until 1834, when Athens became the capital of Greece.

It is located by the sea of the Argolic Gulf and it has several beaches in the city and nearby areas. The Tolo village just outside Nafplio is a well known tourist destination that has some of the most beautiful beaches in the argolic gulf.

Region: Peloponnese

Place: argos, Bourtzi, Nayplio, Palamidi, Tolo

You will find here: Ancient monuments, Beach, Climbing, Clubbing, Medieval monuments

Travel to ... Stoupa

Stoupa beach

Stoupa is a small village located in the south peloponnese in one of the most beautiful places in greece, Mani. It is a 4 hour travel from Athens International airport and an hour trip from the city of Kalamata, the capital of the province of messinia. Stoupa is a very graphical and touristic village, surrounded by the green mountains of mani (which is a nice change after all the burned down forests you will see when traveling the rest of peloponnese).

Region: Peloponnese

Place: Agios Nikolaos, Kalamata, Kalogria, Kardamili, Mani, Stoupa

You will find here: Agrotourism, Beach, Camping, Clubbing, Fishing, Mountain resorts, Sea sports

Travel to Greece facts

- 15 International Airports
- 51 marinas
- 227 inhabited islands ( out of 6000 greek islands)
- 430 beaches awarded with the blue flag.
- 9,111 hotels with 693,252 rooms:

  • 176 5-star hotels
  • 994 4-star hotels
  • 1804 3-star hotels
  • 4460 2-star hotels
  • 1677 1-star hotels

- 752 spas.
- 17 Monuments of Cultural Heritage according to the UNESCO catalogue.
- 124 Museums

Plan a trip now

Elounda, Crete

- : Autumn is the ideal season to visit Elounda. Elounda hotels and apartments are open untill mid-october and the whole experience is so much better after the summer...
- : Airplane to Heraklion Airport and bus to Aghios Nikolaos.
- : The airplane tickets cost depends on your departure site, the cost from Athens airport ranges from 60 to 140 Euros. The cost of the bus to Aghios Nikolaos is less than 10 euros and the bus from Aghios nikolaos to Elounda is less than 5 euros.
- : Choose a cosy little apartment over a large hotel.
- : ranging from 40 to 100 euros for two people per night.

Travel around Greece

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe, situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. The Aegean Sea lies to the east and south of mainland Greece, while the Ionian Sea lies to the west. With more than 6,000 islands and the heritage of ancient Greece, the Roman and the Byzantine Empires it is a major tourist destination, with more than 15 million visitors every year. A travel to greece is more than purchasing a ticket and a hotel room though. Get on board with and lets explore greece together.