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The cretaquarium (thalassokosmos) is located near heraklion, crete and is one of Europe’s largest aquariums. It offers a unique chance to explore the Mediterranean Sea world.

There are 60 different tanks, for more than 2400 organisms ranging from great sharks to minuscule jellyfish. As part of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), Cretaquarium popularizes and disseminates scientific knowledge about the marine world, with special emphasis on the Mediterranean and the seas around Greece.

History information: 

The Aquarium first opened it's doors in 2005.

Travel Information: 

It is located 15 km east of Nikos Kazantzakis international airport in Heraklion.

Region: Crete

Place: central crete, crete, heraklion

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  • Accomodation in Heraklion

    If you just wish to stay in a nice place, next to the beach, heraklion is not for you. Heraklion has many hotels and -due to its location- it is the ideal base for the visitor who wishes to explore the island of crete. Every other site in crete is accessible with small one-day trips from heraklion. In fact, that is heraklion's main attraction to the visitor.

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  • Clubbing in heraklion

    The night life is a major attraction of the city of heraklion. The entertainment industry has flourished in the last decades, to accomodate the needs of locals, students and tourists. It is a city that never sleeps. After the clubbing you do not want to miss the unique souvlaki in "thraka", in the venizelou square.

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  • History of Heraklion

    The history of heraklion goes back many millenia, being the center of the minoan civilization which spread among the greek islands. Knossos (an ancient city located right outside heraklion) was the capital of the minoan kings and the place were the original labyrinth was built. Heraklion flourished through the ages and was known as the "great castle" in the medieval ages, when the - gigantic !! - city wall was constructed by venetians. The city fell to the ottomans in 1669, after a 22 year siege (the second-longest siege in history).

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  • Heraklion

    Heraklion is the capital of the island of crete, located at the north of the island. Heraklion is the largest city of crete and one the largest in greece. With a population of around 150.000 people and more than 200.000 in the metropolitan area, it is the administrative and economic center of crete.

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  • Travel to ... Heraklion

    The city airport "Nikos kazantzakis" was the second international airport in greece, and it is still the largest one regarding charter flight traffic. Due to its location, its airport and its harbor, heraklion is the main gateway for visitors to the island of crete. The port of heraklion is also the largest port in crete. Heraklion is connected to Thira, Rhodes, Egypt, Haifa and mainland Greece (Peiraius) by boat and ferries.

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Travel to Greece facts

- 15 International Airports
- 51 marinas
- 227 inhabited islands ( out of 6000 greek islands)
- 430 beaches awarded with the blue flag.
- 9,111 hotels with 693,252 rooms:

  • 176 5-star hotels
  • 994 4-star hotels
  • 1804 3-star hotels
  • 4460 2-star hotels
  • 1677 1-star hotels

- 752 spas.
- 17 Monuments of Cultural Heritage according to the UNESCO catalogue.
- 124 Museums

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Elounda, Crete

- : Autumn is the ideal season to visit Elounda. Elounda hotels and apartments are open untill mid-october and the whole experience is so much better after the summer...
- : Airplane to Heraklion Airport and bus to Aghios Nikolaos.
- : The airplane tickets cost depends on your departure site, the cost from Athens airport ranges from 60 to 140 Euros. The cost of the bus to Aghios Nikolaos is less than 10 euros and the bus from Aghios nikolaos to Elounda is less than 5 euros.
- : Choose a cosy little apartment over a large hotel.
- : ranging from 40 to 100 euros for two people per night.

Travel around Greece

Greece is a country in southeastern Europe, situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. The Aegean Sea lies to the east and south of mainland Greece, while the Ionian Sea lies to the west. With more than 6,000 islands and the heritage of ancient Greece, the Roman and the Byzantine Empires it is a major tourist destination, with more than 15 million visitors every year. A travel to greece is more than purchasing a ticket and a hotel room though. Get on board with and lets explore greece together.