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A trip to rememeber! My Thessaloniki

Submitted by anastasiaargitis on Fri, 07/24/2009 - 14:50.

If I were given a Euro each time I was told that the northern part of Greece is a lot nicer than the south, I would be a lot better of than I am now. According to popular belief, the people are friendlier, the food is better and cheaper, services are not as snooty and the atmosphere is a lot more pleasant that the rat race known as Athens.

So after careful consideration and a few days off work I managed to book a holiday toThessaloniki, just to see if the rumors were true. I must admit first impression did not exactly rock my world but after spending 3 days, the city of Thessalloniki finally won me over. The trip's main purpose was to see a gig. James (popular British band) were playing three consecutive gigs at a lovely stadium with a rather hippy name (Θέατρο Γης which means Theatre of Earth). Convincing was certainly not required so my other half and I were off.

The drive from Athens lasted about 6 hours with little traffic on the way. I would have preferred the 30 minute plane ride but that would mean I would be left without a car around town and the trip budget would blow out of proportions! So I followed the advice of my better half and we drove up... Two stops were needed (by me!). The first was at a little village on the coast near the town of Lamia, and the second was at the infamous Tempi valley. I don't really recommend either one of the two rest stops... Tempi valley is a long stretch of land between two hills (might actually be mountains but I am degrading them because it was horrid. The view is excellent as there is a river and loads of trees and green. However people there, decided to use this little oasis to sell cheap church memorabilia and tourist junk. The little cafe next to a small church smelled awful and the toillet facilities were of Turkish descent!!! (a hole in the floor)

Enough about the trip though. The city of Thessaloniki is situated next to a large harbor. As I said, not a great first impression. The town did have a certain ambience to it but not too bad, plus one gets used to it quite quickly... To make life easy for you (the reader) here is a list of a few of Thessaloniki's pros and cons according to moi!


  • The food is actually cheaper and yummier! Greatly influenced by its Konstantinople's cuisine. (they love spices!!!!)
  • The people are warmer and are extremmely hospitable! (Not all of course!!)
  • Every part of the municipality is approximately 10 minutes away from the town centre. This makes travelling around really easy!!!
  • The shops are nice...
  • DESSERTS!! I left this for last as i know how important it is to a large amount of people, and also they are that good!! Again the influences from Turkey are quite obvious but take my word for it, you have never had a better variety of delicious desserts as you will have on a visit to Thessaloniki
  • The "Theatre of Earth" (the location of the gig) is absolutely delightful


  • Even though the people of Thessaloniki are to some extent friendlier, I also found that they are also far more reckless than Atheneas and quite harsher on the suface. So when mooching around town you will witness bad driving, swearing and even the occassional wolf whistle
  • The city is not exactly what one may call clean. Asside from litter and polution, the buildings in some areas are rather old and unkempt

That about sums it up! As I said earlier, it may sound eorse than it is and I would definately recomend Thessaloniki to a friend but I was informed during my stay that "the place to be", especially during summer, is Chalkidiki. I will keep you posted if I ever get there!

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All crap

Region: Central Macedonia

Place: Molos, Tempi, Thessaloniki

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Travel to Greece facts

- 15 International Airports
- 51 marinas
- 227 inhabited islands ( out of 6000 greek islands)
- 430 beaches awarded with the blue flag.
- 9,111 hotels with 693,252 rooms:

  • 176 5-star hotels
  • 994 4-star hotels
  • 1804 3-star hotels
  • 4460 2-star hotels
  • 1677 1-star hotels

- 752 spas.
- 17 Monuments of Cultural Heritage according to the UNESCO catalogue.
- 124 Museums

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Elounda, Crete

- : Autumn is the ideal season to visit Elounda. Elounda hotels and apartments are open untill mid-october and the whole experience is so much better after the summer...
- : Airplane to Heraklion Airport and bus to Aghios Nikolaos.
- : The airplane tickets cost depends on your departure site, the cost from Athens airport ranges from 60 to 140 Euros. The cost of the bus to Aghios Nikolaos is less than 10 euros and the bus from Aghios nikolaos to Elounda is less than 5 euros.
- : Choose a cosy little apartment over a large hotel.
- : ranging from 40 to 100 euros for two people per night.

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Greece is a country in southeastern Europe, situated on the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. The Aegean Sea lies to the east and south of mainland Greece, while the Ionian Sea lies to the west. With more than 6,000 islands and the heritage of ancient Greece, the Roman and the Byzantine Empires it is a major tourist destination, with more than 15 million visitors every year. A travel to greece is more than purchasing a ticket and a hotel room though. Get on board with and lets explore greece together.